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    Terylene Wool Worsted Suiting

Worsted wool shirt


Worsted wool is one of the most commonly used and the most dependable of staples used in textile manufacture. When wool is sheared from a sheep, the hairs are all different lengths. After shearing the fibers are sorted, and only the longest fibers of the wool fleece are used to produce "worsted" fabric. Worsted wool is wool that had been combed and tightly twisted.

The long staple gives the finished product stability and a smooth, clear finish. Wool's molecular structure makes it stain resistant and elastic, two qualities inherent in our solid color worsted twill tape. It stretches to keep stockings gartered, yet has a tensile strength greater than cotton.

Made in a variety of weights. More closely woven and harder than wool flannel. Can have a very slight nap on one side. tailors very well. Presses well and holds a hard crease. Usually use for Men's suits, jackets and trousers. Women's coats, suits, skirts, and tailored dresses.


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